Here you will found the download links for the latest release of Clinica. Select the stable ones if you need to deploy Clinica on a production environment. Use the preview release only on dedicated machines so you don't risk to lose important data.

Stable releases

The latest stable release of Clinica is 0.3.0. Download it now for your platform:

  • Windows: You can get the installer from here. Please note that the installer is still in beta. We appreciate bug report on our Launchpad page.
  • Ubuntu: You can install clinica 0.2.1 from the Software Center. You can find more recent releases using our official PPA
  • Debian: Clinica is packaged in Debian, so you can use apt-get or your graphical frontend of choice to install it.
  • Archlinux: You'll find the latest release of Clinica in the repositories.
  • Source tarball: For all other GNU/Linux distributions, just grab the sources from Launchpad. Any help in packacing is highly appreciated!