Here we answer some of the most common answer about Clinica and our development team.

Why did you choose to release Clinica as open source software? 

Because we believe in Open Source and in open source software. Because the open source software offers many positive aspects: for example, can be adapted and improved by all, and everyone can continue to develop the software. For more information see: www.opensource.org.

How can I contribute to this awesome software?

There are plenty of ways you can help, even if you're not a developer. Here are some examples:

  • Make translations: Clinica is translated in many language but you can make sure that the translations in your is fully updated by contributing on Launchpad.
  • Give new ideas: Propose your ideas by creating blueprints on Launchpad.
  • Make a donation: Support clinica with a small donation to keep the project active. Just click on the donate button on these pages!